Pricing Strategy AssessmentSM (PSA)

PSA Graphic

A critical event for a new product is selecting a price and pricing strategy. It is not something to be left until the last minute before launch, and certainly not a decision that should be made without a comprehensive consideration of all the necessary information. Our proven Pricing Strategy Assessment (PSA) is a consultative process. The client firm’s needs and expectations are considered carefully at each step.

We begin with an assessment of the major pricing issues as seen internally by the product team. We then move to our own assessment of these and other issues. This work is augmented by the appropriate research to gain a complete understanding of the product and its market. Unlike other agencies that rely on a single approach to “answering pricing questions,” MME designs the project to fit the needs of the client and the product.

Our process provides a “road map” of the marketplace, ensuring that the client will have the most complete understanding possible of the issues, obstacles, and critical success factors to enter the market in the most profitable manner. Within the context of this road map, MME provides specific recommendations as to:

  • The overall pricing strategy

    • Pricing goals and objectives
    • List pricing
    • Contracting and discounting tactics with best price/ASP implications
      • Including guidance for contracting goals and programs
  • Any clinical or business issues that must be addressed.

After performing a PSA, our clients are often delighted with the clarity and specificity of a strategy that makes their overall product strategy equally clear and much easier to implement.