William Lobb, RPh, PhD - Vice President & Partner

Bill has held a variety of positions within the health care industry and has experience in pharmaceutical consulting and marketing research and both hospital and community pharmacy practice. At MME, Bill has worked to develop pricing strategies for pharmaceuticals at both the US level and the multinational level. More recently, his interest in patient decision making has driven the development and growth of MME’s quantitative marketing and pricing research arm. His research and consulting work has focused on inputs and the effects of those inputs on physician, payer and consumer decision making, including integrative models of “hybrid” behavior based upon varied market responses. Prior to joining MME, he served as Vice President of Operations for a medical device firm. He graduated from the University of Texas College of Pharmacy and holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Marketing from the University of Mississippi. He currently holds an adjunct appointment in the Department of Pharmacy Administration as an assistant professor.

Email: William Lobb